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It’s been a life-long dream of mine, and my wife Sherry’s, to explore and hike the Banff region of Alberta, Canada. Guidebooks like Lonely Planet are great but there’s nothing like hiring a private guide. Of course the right private guide is essential. Someone with vast knowledge of the terrain, all the important sights to see, knowhow on how to avoid the crowds of tourists, great places to stay and eat, and how to stay safe throughout. We found Stormm (Ravenda), and were extremely happy we did! He knew so much about the area; great hiking spots, areas of interest, even vast knowledge of the wildlife and plantlife indigenous to the area. Stormm was super friendly and interested in our fitness level too – which meant that he tailored our explorations to ones that weren’t too easy (boring) and that wouldn’t require a 9-1-1 call either. If you’re traveling to this area and desire an instant, knowledgeable friend, then Stormm’s your man.

Fred B.

New Rochelle, NY

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