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Is Snowshoeing in Banff a Good Family Activity?

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Maybe you've spent your life in Canada and are familiar with cold winters and deep snow, maybe you've never seen snow before. The question remains, 'Is my family up for snowshoeing in the mountains?'. While the mountains in Banff can be imposing and we get some very cold days, snowshoeing is actually not as hard as it looks. Have you ever experienced a place so peaceful that you could actually hear the snow falling? What about the rolling and gushing of a waterfall behind a layer of ice? Read on to discover if this is the adventure for you.

Snowshoe trails in the Canadian Rockies showcase all types of natural beauty. Get a photo in front of frozen blue waterfalls. Walk through forests that sparkle with fresh snow or touch the cool water of natural springs that never freeze. While these trails vary in difficulty, High Camp's private tours go at your pace with personalized instruction from an expert guide.

Marble Canyon Kootenay BC. Kootenay National Park Canada. Blue water high camp snowshoeing
Marble Canyon, Difficulty: Easy

Our snowshoe tours pick you up from your hotel and go straight to the trail of your choice in our winter-rated 4x4. Once there we don our snowshoes and begin our easy to moderate hike. We break often to rest and learn the natural history and take photos. At our destination, the guide sets up comfortable camp chairs and provides you with warm pendleton blankets to keep you warm. The only choice you're tasked with now is between mulled apple cider, chai tea, or hot chocolate.

Marble Canyon 1.6km 20m

9:00am Pickup

9:45 Arrive at trailhead

11:45 Return to vehicle

12:30 Arrive back at hotel

Troll Falls Kananaskis Alberta Canada. High Camp Snowshoeing to troll falls blue ice of troll falls
Troll Falls. Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

One popular trail for locals on their day off is Troll Falls. An almost flat walk along a well made trail will take you to a magical place. Reach out and touch the pillar of blue ice in this serene winter landscape. Family-friendly and good for young ones, we take you comfortably and safely along a learning journey.

Troll Falls 3.4km 30m

8:30 Pickup

9:30 Arrive at trailhead

11:30 Return to vehicle

12:30 Arrive back at hhotel

Snowshoeing at Vista Lake Banff Alberta. Snowshoeing in the mountains with High Camp Banff Tours. Snowshoeing Tours Banff. High camp banff family snowshoeing. Private snowshoe tours
Vista Lake, Difficulty: Moderate

Find yourself playing like a child in the deep snow around Storm Mountain. This peaceful location is where Snowshoe hare scamper and snow falls for most of the year. After descending 100 metres to the lake below the bold face of Storm Mountain, stop for quality time while your guide sets up chairs and a table for tea or hot chocolate.

Vista Lake 3km 100m

9:00 Pickup

9:45 Arrive at trailhead

11:30 Return to vehicle

12:10 Arrive back at hotel

Snowshoeing is a fun and easy way to get around in Banff whether your new or experienced. Go slowly and experience the quiet of a winter morning, or make your own fun rolling and jumping into deep snow. High Camp is here to help you make lasting memories. We take care of the hassle and guesswork, leaving you with energy to explore fully. Book today!

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