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Exploring Banff With a Custom Safari

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Banff is where animals and explorers of all types run free. To experience the Canadian Rockies, one only has to walk in Banff and see the snow on the peaks or feel the cool waters of the Bow River. Some choose to hike, some like to picnic, some go camping but the wisest among them go well equipped. High Camp represents years of experience in the woods and gives you the option to travel fully equipped to face nature with ease.

This is how we chose to make the ultimate safari vehicle, fully prepared for wildlife sighting, off-road expedition and camping comfortably high above the ground.

To make the ultimate adventure vehicle, we started with something roomy, comfortable, and capable. Here is our 2019 Toyota 4Runner being tested in the Ghost River.

Ultimate Safari vehicle crossing a river

Then to ensure you never get stuck in the backcountry, all the off-roading components are added. Reliability and safety are a staple of High Camp's philosophy. To give you peace of mind in every season, we added a Warn winch on a Coastal Offroad aluminum bumper. Traction boards are mounted on the roof for easy access when the snow gets deep.

offroad vehicle

A state-of-the-art rooftop tent from Treeline Tents, complete with mattress, linens and Pendelton blankets ensures unparalleled comfort when camping. The tent can be set up wherever the vehicle goes and sleeps up to 3 adults and one child. Your guide has brought their own tent and sets up their camp after dinner.


And finally, a bright logo from The Car Salon to complete your safari vehicle.

High Camp offroad vehicle

Camping in Banff doesn't have to come with hauling gear, cooking, or waking up when wind rustles the leaves. Experience nature in comfort and certainty, give us a call today and live an experience like no other.

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